Friday, October 17, 2008

The Android Kill Switch And You.

Android android android! Apple brick, Apple wossname, Apple cinema! I think what really shits me to tears about the techie and gadget blogs is that they seem to ALL chew the same things into a tasteless mush.  Once you've heard for the fiftieth time that some tech company has been rumoured to say that the idea of a new tetris-playing left handed toilet roll holder that uses Linux and dispenses via SMS messages is not completely stupid so they must be about to release one - well, when you get that same crap served up for the 50th time without a single original or extraneous thought, you just want to vomit a little bit, then smash your computer and never use another one as long as you live...

As it has been with this - the nefarious Android Kill switch ...  I mean, come on!  Yes Apple did this and caused a shitstorm, and yes it's a bit shitty of Google to do this, but...  hey...  Are you guys hearing yourselves?  How hard was it to jailbreak an iPhone?  A closed source operating system?  So how long before the first kill switch killer appears, given this is open source?

Get over yourselves you boring little sensationalists...


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