Monday, October 13, 2008

Clever! Why Didn't The Aliens Think Of This?

... oh wait ...

Umm we thought of it!  It's funny, we have robot explorers on Mars looking for water and signs of life, but are we even sure what we'd be looking for?  I mean, maybe the Mars explorers have already run over something, maybe the spacecraft up there have already seen those elusive signs.  I mean - yeah, we could "land" an explorer on Earth and we'd see pretty obvious things like trees and ants.  But A) there are areas on Earth where a robot like a Mars explorer wouldn't see a single sign that something is alive on Earth.  And B) what about looking from up in space, a few million miles away?  Would we know a sign of life if it bit the satellite in the exhausts?

Luckily, we're now a lot closer to finding out the answer to one of those things.

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