Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Advances? Not Just Now.

Just been poking around the tech news, still using "opportunistic wifi" as my connection.  So first of all I'm disillusioned because Telstra have taken over a week to get an existing telephone line connected, and now Amcom are going to take another week, perhaps two, to get ADSL flowing over that (finally!) connected line.  And then, it's going to be ADSL1, not that that matters because my supposed ADSL2+ connection in Perth was worse than dial-up at times.  And speaking of dial-up, I tried using the dial-up number Amcom provided as a temporary measure until they get my broadband connected - and it's about the same as using acoustic couplers over a tin can telephone.

So I can probably be excused for thinking that technology is going backwards.  But reading all the usually jam-packed tech news sites, I'm seeing a kind of hiatus here.  We're well and truly overdue for a quantum leap in some web or internet technology or other, and also a new bit of tech gear that isn't just an Android or iPhone or a new social aggregator site.

Something pretty groundbreaking has to appear before Christmas, you mark my words.  A new internet paradigm, some fundamental scientific discovery, or a piece or hardware. (Or other techo item like an electric car or renewable energy source)  That will restore my faith in our ingenuity and sheer inventiveness, nothing less.

So I'm holding my breath and awaiting results.  What will happen first, my broadband connection actually working or some breakthrough?  As the tagline for my old BBS used to run: "TEdLIVISION! - don't touch that dial!"

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