Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Versions Of Software!

There's a site that calls itself Last Freeware Version and that's what it specialises in - Listing the last known free version of whatever software you're after.  From the site's text, it seems it goes for the adware spyware nagware free versions where possible, and you might do worse than add this bookmark to your arsenal of software-snaffling sites...

I like that I can equip a PC pretty much completely with free versions of popular software, it means that any relatives' PCs I get called to fix because it "won't open this Word file" (when it doesn't have Microsoft Office installed) is now just a case of going to LFV and hunting down a freebie to do it.  No more cudgeling my brain to remember names.  Well, okay - it doesn't have a freeware Office but it does have a lot of up-to-date freeware.

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