Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ewwww! Mammoth Germs!

I wonder what happened with this - one article, and then nothing.  Generally this could mean one of a few things:
  • The inoculation of mammoth bacteria ended up having an "unexpected" side effect of perhaps killing the poor little mousies it was given to.
  • The inoculation works as expected, and the research team is going into secret development phase and will come up with something that will make Viagra seem insignificant by comparison.
  • Or, no other news department has picked up on this, and no-one's announced anything, and the research department involved has been eliminated because this is too potentially destabilising.
I'm wondering too if perhaps the lily was gilded just a little bit, and the results perhaps weren't anything as spectacular as claimed...  Actually, when you read the article, it sounds like the premise for a modern comic book series, where "An ancient life-form rises to once again reclaim the Earth!" and then much apocalypse happens...

Also - does that mean that mammoths were once the virile, almost immortal, rulers of the Earth and had a science far superior to ours?  More importantly - what killed them off, is it time to find the mammoth version of tinfoil hats and bunker down if this bacterium gets loose?

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