Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've Been Mind Melded! Augh!

Ever fallen victim to a meme?  Or had one of those groupthink moments when everyone all has the same vision at the same time?  Or have you gone for a whole week where everything you stumbled across seemed to have a theme of "thirteen?"

Check.  I've been thinking about a small boat that I could use to get out to fishing spots without having to find a ramp to launch, and (due to emphysema making heavy efforts impossible) that would be easy to trailer.  All coincidentally, I found a video of some early 1900's technology which promised to do exactly what I needed - with some heavy modification - and had started working on a design that had two "hulls" which were each in two parts, and several raised arched struts connecting the hulls which held the main boat slung underneath them.  I sketched out several "napkin" versions, and started collecting material for a one meter model to test it out.

Then I saw this. and realised that someone stole my brane again!  Beginning to wonder if I maybe should invest in a tinfoil hat... %)

Well, to be fair, Ugo has been working on that boat for a lot longer than I have.  But we both started the same way, and have come up with very similar designs.  Although I can say with smug glee that mine will be capable of going even more places than Proteus with it's 18" draft.  And mine will put itself away on the trailer without needing to back down the ramp.  That's all I'm saying for now...

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