Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sometimes An Article Is Just Sh*t N Filler

Sometimes I wish people would cover a subject properly instead of just waffling.  Reading this article has left me with a lasting and indelible impression that DC power transmission is just a load of shit. Comic book shit, but shit all the same.  Aside from the title of the article being a 100% lie (the article explains nothing about HVDCT) it's actually counterproductive and creates the impression that treehuggers are all clueless hippie airheads - not a good image for eco aware people...

It's especially sad when there are these other issues to report on, new engine technology, and new (though still derivative-looking) electric cars.  Oh and while I'm getting pissed off at Gizmodo-related sites - AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! to the annoying, stupid totally crass term "leccy tech" for EVs.  Stupid asswipes that are using this echolalic term are doing more to damage the credibility of EVs than Ford and GM and Shell and BP combined, ffs.

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