Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Day, Another Lying Company

Hmm - I wonder why people have lost faith in just about every business ever...  Latest assholes are a VOIP/phone service provider who trumpet "No more line rental fees!" all over their sign-up page.  Their plans start from $9.95 a month.

Hang on - a month?  So you actually still do charge a monthly fee (that any other telco calls the line rental fee) but without the messy business of actually having to provide, you know, a line...  Talk about slimy.

But I'm fair, even when the company appears not to be.  I emailed them for some information on the "no line rental fees!" thing.  Did this mean that $9.95 was available for call charges?
The monthly plans do not include their fees as call credit. So on the $9.95 plan this does not mean it includes $9.95 of calls each month. You do however get access to lower rates and in some cases free calls. The plans includes a standard local Australian phone number which allows incoming calls from any telephone service. There is no contract so you can change plans or cancel at any time.
 Hmmm. Just because you call it something different, VOIPco, doesn't mean it's not the same thing.  Please stop lying to me, my IQ is above the "average" of 110.  (And isn't that another ad that shits you?  The average IQ is, by definition, 100.  If you got that, and decided not to go get your IQ tested by such idiots, then you've automatically passed...)

Anyway - I guess those ads are back in force.  Stay tuned for more as I think of them...

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