Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ORBs #1

Occasional Random Brainpharts (ORBs) seems to be a way to go - so many news articles that start me on a train of thought, interrupted, that isn't enough for a decent article, but is worthy of mention.  So I'll start collecting a few and see how I go.

Random thoughts #1:
Why does Hubble need grapple hooks?  Repelling Somalian Space Pirates?  Or are we hoping to snag a Vogon construction vessel?

Random thoughts #2:
Maybe the Renegade Scout ship will come from a place named by Venetia Phair. 

Random thoughts #3:
Do bras need grapple hooks, or is that just what we males do?

Random thoughts #4:
For heaven's sake, why bother with the bomb body in this case?  Why not just drop the capsules directly from a hopper?  Save all that extra manufacturing?  And, lastly, neatly looping this thread, maybe these capsules could benefit from some form of grapple hook to anchor them to the ground...

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