Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swarm Wars

Was just watching a news promo where the focus of one of the stories is on a child's bicycle tyre with drugs hidden inside.  Have also read (of course) about the drug mini-subs that are being used to run stuff into the US.  And I've reflected that all through history there have been various kinds of drug struggles between the eternal triangle of those who source, those who use, and those who prohibit.

There is a grass roots support group of people who want the drugs, who end up as the victims of course but perhaps that's the function of drugs, to act as some kind of Darwinian selector.  Who knows.  There is a group of people who want to supply those drugs in return for material gain of their own, no matter who that kills.  And there are prohibitionists who act to try and save one group from the other.

It's kind of like war.

But, of course, martial type warfare is so much more advanced, for some reason, than drug wars.  They have UAVs and packbots, and plenty of them.  They save putting lives at risk, are relatively cheap and easy to put into the field, and can slip around almost undetected while carrying a warhead, camera, or other payload to a destination quite a distance away.

Oh yeah, and this follows on the heels of watching a TV article showing a small commercial factory unit successfully making small UAVs and delivery systems.

See, I wonder how long before you see (or don't see) flights of hundreds of small hard to detect unmanned robots, each carrying a small amount of drugs, random flight paths to widely spread destinations, and making it pretty much impossible to stop all of them.  I'm almost betting within a few years you'll read about "swarms" of these things, drug suppliers aren't stupid and this is now proven technology...

This may be the last decade before the Coming Of The Drug Locusts...

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