Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No Way This Can End Badly

Autonomous warehouse 'bots. Check.
Cyborg rat brains.  Check.
Interfacing and interacting. Check.

Nothing to see here, move alo - wait.  No, wait...  Really...

The grids of neurons that exhibit oddly synchronised waves of activity, and that can "learn" in limited ways, they are first steps.  Judging by the acceleration in technology by application of technology, we should see results from this in under five years, results along the lines of biological control units that can be stuck into any framework and figure out what to do and how to do it.

And the neat video in that last link (look down the bottom of the article, there are two thumbnails that link to a video each) shows how easily a cluster of neurons in one country can be effectively co-opted into operating a "body" in some other widely separated place.

All in all I'd expect to see this technology in military applications by the end of the year, (they always get the coolest toys first) and in some "robotic realistic cuddle pet" animatronic that you have to keep fed with a special nutrient solution by Christmas 2010...  And running the world at any time after that...

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